As of 14th September 2018 the DfE have temporarily closed requests for funding while they assess the amount remaining nationally. Once this is reopened NETSP will begin requesting funding for eligible participants who apply after this date. It may be that the DfE further restrict access to funding after they have reassessed the amount remaining. The information below was valid up to and including 13th September 2018.

NETSP is delighted to announce that there is funding available from the Department for Education for NPQ participants that work in a Category 5 or 6 area. In the North East these areas are Northumberland and Middlesbrough. Some parts of Cumbria are also eligible. NETSP are committed to obtaining this funding for as many of our eligible participants as we can.

Am I eligible for the funding?

You are eligible to be considered for this funding for an NPQ beginning after 1st January 2017 if you meet all four criteria below:

  • You work in a maintained school in a Category 5 or 6 area.
  • You do not already hold the NPQ for which you have enrolled
  • You have not previously enrolled with NETSP for the same NPQ course and dropped out before completing it
  • You have not previously received funding for your NPQ course from the Department of Education.

I'm not sure if I work in a Category 5 or 6 area.

The full list of Category 5 and 6 areas is drawn from the government's Achieving Excellence Everywhere White Paper (p.86). The Department for Education have further criteria which will be applied should funding uptake be higher than expected.

If I can only attend if my place is funded by the DfE, when should I apply?

There is limited funding available; therefore we suggest that you apply as soon as possible to be considered for this funding. Payment is not requested until you have attended your first session. Should funding not be available for you for any reason, and this is a deciding factor in attending, you can cancel your application without charge.

When will I know if my programme will be paid for by the DfE?

We will contact eligible applicants as soon as possible regarding their funding status as soon as this is confirmed to us by the DfE.


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