NPQSL Application

We are now taking applications for a June 2020 start. The closing date for applications has not yet been set. Exact dates and venues for delivery are not yet set, as this depends on numbers of applications and where participants are located.

This form will take you around 15 minutes to complete. We strongly recommend that you write your answers to the application questions in a document on your own computer before copying and pasting your responses into the form. You will also need the following information to hand in order to complete the form:

  • Your Teacher Reference Number. You can get this from your school, or by accessing your teacher record.
  • Percentage of pupils in your organisation receiving Free School Meals (FSM). You can get this from Ofsted.

The cost of NPQSL for participants from maintained schools is £850. NPQSL with 20 Masters' credits incurs an additional cost. If you select the Masters' credits you can subsequently complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership at Newcastle University next academic year. You will enrol for your Masters' credits separately. NETSP will contact you with further details on this process in due course.

Please note: If you wish to move from NPQSL only to NPQSL with Masters' credits after being accepted onto NPQSL only, you may have to complete additional work and/or pay an additional fee to obtain your credits. The benefit of applying for NPQSL with Masters' credits is access to Newcastle University facilities. For these reasons, we strongly advise you to consider which option you wish to apply for before submitting this form.