Why choose NETSP?

Why choose NETSP?

NETSP are proud to be delivering the Early Career Framework in the North East in partnership with UCL Institute of Education

  • Knowledge-based: Informed by the latest research into early career teachers’ needs  
  • Drawn from expert theory and practice:  Co-designed by teacher educators, academics and teachers  
  • Learning embedded in practice, not an additional burden: Early career teachers apply new learning in work contexts to improve your own and your pupils' learning  
  • Flexible: School hubs and clusters can follow our proposed sequence or create their own to meet the needs of early career teachers and mentors  
  • Located near you: Available at local school hubs and clusters. Our interactive learning platform enables early career teachers to reflect and share learning.

See our Module outline for more details.

Ben Connor is both a mentor for early career teachers in Carmel College in Darlington, and one of the authors of the Early Career Framework. He offers his perspective on how the UCL consortium's programme was written to add value to mentors and newly qualified teachers.  

Joanne Maw is the Head Teacher at Sandhill View academy in Sunderland and has trialled the UCL Consortium's Early Career Framework at her school. She talks about why her school will be adopting the programme, and the benefits of materials written by practitioners and underpinned by research from some of the country's top universities.  

How is it delivered?

Please note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, all sessions are currently being delivered remotely.

Professional learning for Early Career Teachers:  

  • A half-day annual conference in your region  
  • 5 modules based on the Teachers’ Standards  
  • Online professional learning hub  
  • Guided self-directed study  
  • In-school mentor support and challenge

 …and for mentors  

  • A half-day annual conference in your region  
  • Facilitated online professional development
  • Guided self-directed study, enabling mentors to deepen their range of strategies
  • Our mentor programme will be based on Educative and ONSIDE mentoring models


Please note that registrations are now closed for the national roll-out of the ECF, however you may register your interest to receive more information about the national roll-out and future programmes for NQTs at the link below 

Register for National Roll-Out

If you have any questions then please email us at netsp@ncl.ac.uk.