Coaches work with participants in a combination of individual and group coaching, providing support and challenge to help them reach their goals.

All NETSP NPQ participants are offered coaching from an experienced coach as part of the programme - the number of hours of coaching involved depends on the programme, please see the National Institute of Teaching site for details. Coaches need to be experienced in using coaching methods, and experience of working at the level of the NPQ they will be coaching for is preferred (e.g. headship experience for NPQH). NETSP coaches provide the opportunity for NPQ participants to explore their leadership development in a confidential and supportive setting, helping them to think through the issues they face in their own setting as well as their placement school, and encouraging them to resolve any problems or dilemmas they are experiencing.

Coaches can choose the number of coachees they wish to take on, and are paid a fixed hourly fee for each session.

If you are interested in coaching on any of our programmes, please apply here.