Facilitators work in teams with participants on face-to-face days, helping them to explore content and develop their skills.

NETSP Facilitators lead the NPQ content delivery on the face-to-face days. The role involves reading and preparing prior to the face-to-face day, and facilitating discussions and activities on the day itself. The programme content for all our NPQs is written centrally, so facilitators are not expected to write the material or design the day's activities: we do, however, encourage them to adapt activities to suit their expertise and style. Facilitators need to have recognised school leadership experience, a commitment to their own and others' continuing professional development, and good interpersonal skills. They also need a clear understanding of the difference between training and facilitating.

Facilitators can choose which levels of NPQ they wish to work on, but must have relevant experience: thus for NPQH they must be or have been a head teacher. Once their application is accepted all facilitators must undergo training with NETSP: once trained they will receive invitations to facilitate and can make their availability known. This allows flexibility and the accommodation of other work. Remuneration is a fixed daily rate, paid either to the individual or to the individual's school depending on their employment circumstances.

If you are interested in facilitating on any of our programmes, please apply here.